ASK Conference

Alternative Investment Summit Korea

ASK Conference are hosted by The Korea Economic Daily (KED). KED organizes leading alternative investment conferences for private equity, private debt, hedge fund, multi-assets, real estate, and infrastructure industries. Annually held ASK Conference are the most successful and well-known alternative investment events in Korea with more than 1500 attendees. With extensive network of Korean investors and global managers, KED provides exceptional experience through ASK Conference to both LPs and GPs with market outlook, investment strategies, asset allocation plans, and industry trends. ASK Conference will be the place to bridge Korean investors and global managers to develop long-term relationships.

Upcoming Events

Oct 26, 2022 Private Debt & Private Equity
Hedge Fund & Multi Asset
Real Estate & Infrastructure

Previous Events

May, Oct 2021 Private Debt & Private Equity
May, Oct 2021 Hedge Fund & Multi Asset
May, Oct 2021 Real Estate & Infrastructure
Oct 2020 Private Debt & Private Equity
Oct 2020 Hedge Fund & Multi Asset
Oct 2020 Real Estate & Infrastructure
Oct 2019 Real Estate & Infrastructure
May 2019 Private Debt & Private Equity
May 2019 Hedge Fund & Multi Asset
Oct 2018 Real Estate
Oct 2018 Infrastructure
May 2018 Private Debt & Private Equity
May 2018 Hedge Fund & Multi Asset
October 2017 Real Estate
October 2017 Infrastructure
May 2017 Private Debt & Private Equity
May 2017 Hedge Fund & Multi Asset
October 2016 Real Estate
October 2016 Infrastructure
May 2016 Private Debt & Private Equity
May 2016 Hedge Fund
October 2015 Real Estate
October 2015 Infrastructure
May 2015 Private Debt & Private Equity
May 2015 Hedge Fund
November 2014 Real Estate
May 2014 Private Debt & Private Equity
November 2013 Real Estate
May 2013 Private Equity

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